Rewiring companies near Sussex

Rewiring companies near Sussex

If you need rewiring companies near Sussex look no further!

TS Electrical can handle all your rewiring and electrical needs! 

Call our NICEIC approved electricians for a visit and a competitive quote for all rewiring jobs in Sussex.  Rewiring your property or at least getting a professional electrician to check the old installed wiring system on a regular basis is essential for commercial, industrial and private properties every five years or so.  Old wiring can suffer overloads, damage and water ingress, and cause many dangerous issues that are invisible until they cause a fault or a fire.  With 10 years in the electrical business TS Electrical are one of the few Sussex rewiring companies you can totally trust to deal with all electrical fault finding and new installations.  Our meticulous work and compliance with coding requirements is legendary, which will save you a deal of money in maintenance later on. 

Call us for a quote, or a visit for all your rewiring jobs in Sussex

Book our electricians for a few hours’ work and an average sized property can be fully checked out, and rewiring done, and a certificate of safety issued that will be good until the next inspection, and will keep your insurance company happy as well as your occupants safe.  For rewiring out of doors, to your garden features or your pond or pool, to rewiring of your security systems and fire alarms all around the hosue and garden, you can trust us over other rewiring companies near Sussex!

TS Electrical Services handle:

  • Commercial Rewiring
  • Industrial Rewiring
  • Domestic Rewiring

We are authorised to carry out your rewiring jobs in Sussex, and issue a Certificate of Compliance that is all you need for peace of mind and documentation about home safety.  Our electricians are fully compliant with the latest regulations, and attend regular training courses to update their skills.  We are fully qualified to light and power up your home!

How do you know your property requires rewiring?

If you remember back in 2014, Eastbourne Pier in Sussex caught fire and the dated Victorian wiring in the walls was the cause.  It is not the only pier to have suffered a similar fate. Sometimes faults are apparent with your wiring system but since most of it is hidden in trunking behind walls and plug sockets, it can be hard to detect unless something goest wrong.  Flickering lights, power surges, power loss, and strange, slightly fishy smells in a room plus greenish ’goo’ leaking from light fittings and plug sockets can all point to faulty electrical systems that require rewiring.  Sussex is full of older properties that first had electricity installed back in the 20s and 30s, and ignoring wiring problems does nobody any favours and can actually cause electric shock, injury, or even death.  So it pays to have your wiring checked if you have not had it looked at for a number of years, and in the commercial, industrial or lettings fields, a yearly check and PAT testing of appliances needs to be done in any case.  Ask your electrician to also check your wiring system, to see if it is sufficient for your needs, and in good condition.  It will be money well spent.  

Sussex households - call us for Smart electrics with domestic rewiring

You may need an upgrade on your wiring system to enable you to launch into a new Smart home environment.  You might have installed solar power and require a trained electrician to wire up your panels, charger and battery system.  You may be struggling to find enough plug sockets in your older style home, which was built in the days of gas lighting and fuel burning stoves, and does not have sufficient power supplies or plug sockets in the right places, for all the modern gadgets, chargers and appliances that we need to use in the 21st Century.

Calling Rewiring Companies Near Sussex?

TS Electrical’s friendly team of electricians are NICEIC trained to deal with all electrical jobs.  

For Professional Electrical Services, rewiring properties and more, around Sussex, call 07858 666079 / 01424 277030.



Absolutely first class electrician. If you care about your installations being ‘just so’, Toby’s your man. His meticulous attention to detail, placement, and practical application really give your rooms that smart edge. It’s important that you get the right people into your home; Toby brings knowledge, advice and a polite and professional service.

Rob Allsop

Toby’s communication and high standard of work is second to none. He has been professional throughout the renovation of our kitchen and has managed to fit in with our demanding schedule. We would highly recommend Toby for all your electrical requirements. Thank you.

Andy Croucher

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