NICEIC electrician near Battle

If you are looking for a NICEIC electrician near Battle, TS Electrical can help.

Need a NICEIC Electrician?

Safe and professional electrical installations are essential, particularly in public buildings but in any setting a professional electrician is often a legal requirement to carry out your electrical work.  If you are looking for a NICEIC electrician near Battle, TS Electrical are here for you. 

Call us for free site visits and inspections in or near Battle. 

Representing the best in the electrical industry, our NICEIC approved electricians can meet your needs for safe, professionally carried out electrical installations in any building.  We support domestic, commercial and industrial clients, throughout the south east from our base, near Battle, East Sussex.

As trusted NICEIC registered electricians, we pass through a stringent skills assessment process, that ensures that our work complies with current regulations and the national safety standards.  

If you would like to talk to a trusted electrician in the Battle area, we are happy to advise you or call on you at your convenience for a quote.  Call us on You can contact us at any time for emergency repairs, too.

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NICEIC Approved Industrial Electricians

We offer high levels of service to industrial clients, professionally experienced with complex high voltage systems to simple electrical components.  Our Electricians can agree a schedule of works with you to fit in with your timetables and availability.

Commercial NICEIC Electrician near Battle

Keeping your lights and power on is essential when you are running a business.  We are available 24/7 to ensure that work can carry on, in the event of a power outage.  We have a good reputation amongst local companies, with our affordable, competitive rates for electrical work.

Domestic Electrical Services

We are happy to carry out new electrical installations, check your existing electrical systems, or help with installing new equipment such as in your kitchen, installing ovens or hot taps, under cupboard lighting, or bathroom electricals, such as showers lighting, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.  We can carry out service checks for your appliances all around the home. Have you had your home electrics checked in the last five years?  If not, please call our NICEIC electrician near Battle.  Wiring can go wrong - if you are experiencing flickering light bulbs, funny smells or see soot around an electrical area, call us immediately.  We are happy to inspect your home wiring, fix any issues and give you a certificate of safety, which is particularly important if you are letting out a property.

Emergency Lighting Required?  Call a NICEIC Electrician

Emergency lighting can be fitted virtually anywhere that kicks in during an emergency.  When a crisis happens it may be that you lose power and you will need a backup electrical system that kicks in in an emergency to get people out of the building safely through smoke, fire and flood.  Be sure to get an NICEIC Electrician such as TS Electrical, to install your wiring so that in every case, you meet government regulations, and save lives.  The same goes for fire alarms - we are happy to attend and inspect, for your yearly fire alarm check, or provide you with an upgrade or a new fire alarm system.

Garden and Pond Electricals

Garden and pond, or water feature electrical installations also need to be super safe.  Call a NICEIC Electrician near Battle, if you would like safe and reliable lighting in your garden or outdoor area.

Here are our contact details again - our friendly electricians in Battle are waiting for your call!  

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Absolutely first class electrician. If you care about your installations being ‘just so’, Toby’s your man. His meticulous attention to detail, placement, and practical application really give your rooms that smart edge. It’s important that you get the right people into your home; Toby brings knowledge, advice and a polite and professional service.

Rob Allsop

Toby’s communication and high standard of work is second to none. He has been professional throughout the renovation of our kitchen and has managed to fit in with our demanding schedule. We would highly recommend Toby for all your electrical requirements. Thank you.

Andy Croucher

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