NICEIC Domestic Installer Sussex

NICEIC Domestic Installer Sussex

Searching for a NICEIC Domestic Installer in Sussex?

TS Electrical are expert electricians offering our services to customers all around the Sussex area.  As fully insured and approved NICEIC contractors, our expertise is second to none in this field. For all domestic installations, contact our friendly electricians, and we can arrange a convenient time to visit you, quote for any electrical problem, and usually get it fixed within 24 hours.

For domestic electrical emergencies in Sussex, call us now on 07858 666079 / 01424 277030

Peace of mind is everything when it comes to electrical installations.  As a NICEIC approved domestic installer Sussex electricians TS Electrical will ensure that your electrics are done the right way, every time.  Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that all your sockets are wired correctly, all calculations are computed so that you always have a reliable source of power for all your domestic electrical gadgets, household appliances at any time of day. 

As an electrical installer working in homes, the NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme provides credibility, compliance, and peace of mind for all our customers in Sussex and we are able to issue a certificate of compliance for all our electrical works.

You may be wondering, exactly what are NICEIC domestic installers? 

Andy why is it important?  The NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme helps electrical professionals comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. This scheme, delivered by Certsure—an LLP partnership owned by the ECA and Electrical Safety First (ESF) - is designed for contractors focusing on all domestic installation work and makes sure that we are all on the same page, updated and trained to current standards.  So it should mean that you also do not need as much electrical maintenance further down the line!  Here are the key points:

The NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme streamlines compliance with Part P, which relates to electrical safety in dwellings. By registering under this scheme, TS Electrical services are demonstrating our commitment to maintenance of professional standards.

The scheme covers low or extra-low voltage work, including design, installation, and certification of projects. Whether it’s wiring, lighting, or other electrical tasks in homes, the Domestic Installer Scheme ensures our competence and safety.

TS Electrical Services maintain our engagement directly in domestic electrical work all around Sussex, to enable us to be part of the NICEIC domestic installer scheme. We have a Qualified Supervisor, relevant qualifications, and hold a Health & Safety Policy Statement. Plus, we maintain records of all our installations and are fully insured for all our work.

Saving Money with Electrical Installations

Choose a NICEIC Domestic Installer Sussex to survey your home to pinpoint where you could save electricity.  These days, cutting back on energy use is vitally important to save money and prevent wasting energy.  There may be benefits by switching to Economy 7 meters.  You will save a great deal off your bills and your carbon emissions if you install these to use cheaper electricity rates during off-peak hours at night (11pm-8am).  You can do all your washing and tumble drying, dishwashing, or heat your home with the latest in storage night heating, powered by cheaper electricity.  Switching your energy plan may work a lot better for you but get good, independent advice from our NICEIC domestic installer, to see what would best fit your needs.

Smart meters will enable you to monitor and adapt your energy usage too.  We can advise and install cheaper electrical energy solutions in your home as well as a range of Smart electricals, like low energy light bulbs, and zoned areas that detects if a person is in the room before it switches on lights and heating automatically.  There are also Smart energy solutions for outdoor lighting as well, with domestic systems that can be controlled from your telephone.  Book a survey with a NICEIC domestic installer Sussex, TS Electrical, to see what amazing new ideas can transform your home!  TS Electrical are here to help.



Absolutely first class electrician. If you care about your installations being ‘just so’, Toby’s your man. His meticulous attention to detail, placement, and practical application really give your rooms that smart edge. It’s important that you get the right people into your home; Toby brings knowledge, advice and a polite and professional service.

Rob Allsop

Toby’s communication and high standard of work is second to none. He has been professional throughout the renovation of our kitchen and has managed to fit in with our demanding schedule. We would highly recommend Toby for all your electrical requirements. Thank you.

Andy Croucher

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