NICEIC Approved Contractor Sussex

NICEIC Approved Contractor Sussex

In Need of a NICEIC Approved Contractor in Sussex?

When expert electrical services are required for your premises in Sussex, you can do no better than TS Electrical, your certified NICEIC Approved Contractor. TS Electrical is owned and run by Toby Strange, who is a fully qualified NICEIC qualified electrician.  TS Electrical is equipped to manage all electrical work in the Sussex region. As fully insured electrical contractors with over 15 years of experience, we offer a professional electrical service that addresses all your electrical concerns. And, for your records, we will leave you with a NICEIC approved Certificate of our work.

Why Choose a NICEIC Approved Contractor?

Our NICEIC Approved Contractor commences their duties with a comprehensive survey of your property. We cast an expert eye over the existing electrical systems, pinpoint potential areas that need attention, and after a consultation with you, analyse the specific needs of your premises if you are in and around Sussex. This initial evaluation forms the foundation of our planning process, where we design an efficient and secure electrical system that aligns with your requirements and complies with the latest electrical safety standards.

For local NICEIC Approved Contractor services in Sussex, call us now!

The primary role of our NICEIC Approved Contractor is to install new electrical systems. This encompasses wiring, circuit breakers, electrical panels, outlets, lighting systems, and other electrical components. You can trust us to ensure that the installation process is executed in line with the approved plans and specifications, and that all work adheres to the relevant electrical codes and standards, is checked and signed off by our lead electrician.  TS Electrical also provides maintenance electrical visits for Sussex clients, our NICEIC Approved Contractor performing regular checks, identifying any issues, and undertaking the necessary repairs.

For Emergency Electrical Work in Sussex please telephone 07858 666079 / 01424 277030 or email us here for a swift response from our team.

Our electricians are happy to respond to emergency repair needs, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your premises and your workforce. In busy workplaces and homes, commercial or industrial properties, routine expert maintenance of electrical systems is essential to prevent potential hazards and ensure uninterrupted operations. However, by calling on our qualified NICEIC approved contractor in Sussex, you’ll find that our services can reduce your maintenance costs significantly and they are therefore a wise investment.  Be safe, not sorry, when it comes to your electrical installations!

As your premises grow and evolve, your electrical needs may change. A NICEIC Approved Contractor is responsible for implementing upgrades and improvements to the electrical system to accommodate these changes and upgrade your system as required. This could involve expanding the electrical capacity, installing additional outlets or lighting fixtures, or integrating new technologies such as low energy lighting, heating zone controls, or other improvements and other modern energy saving elements, as the electrical industry is evolving all the time to reduce carbon emissions and power usage.

You Can Rely on the NICEIC Standards

Safety is a paramount concern in any electrical installation and no shortcuts are permitted. A NICEIC Approved Contractor ensures that all electrical work complies with the strict safety standards set by the NICEIC. We stay updated with regular training and education on the latest developments from the NICEIC. Upon completion of the installation, we will conduct a comprehensive safety inspection and issue a certification to confirm that your electrical system is safe and compliant. If your premises are in Sussex, call our NICEIC electrical specialists for assistance.

When You Seek help from a NICEIC Approved Contractor in Sussex, We Are Here For You!

Our electrical experts also provide consultation services for all our clients, residential, commercial, industrial. We will advise on energy efficiency, cost-saving measures, and the latest electrical technologies. We maintain open lines of communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed about the progress of the installation, and addressing any concerns or queries they may have. Our goal as NICEIC approved contractors in Sussex is to provide an expert-led service that entirely covers all your electrical needs.


Absolutely first class electrician. If you care about your installations being ‘just so’, Toby’s your man. His meticulous attention to detail, placement, and practical application really give your rooms that smart edge. It’s important that you get the right people into your home; Toby brings knowledge, advice and a polite and professional service.

Rob Allsop

Toby’s communication and high standard of work is second to none. He has been professional throughout the renovation of our kitchen and has managed to fit in with our demanding schedule. We would highly recommend Toby for all your electrical requirements. Thank you.

Andy Croucher

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