5 Things You Should Know About Garden and Lighting Electrics

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5 Things You Should Know About Garden and Lighting Electrics

5 Things You Should Know About Garden and Lighting Electrics


Gardens are not just outdoor spaces; they’re extensions of our homes. To make the most of your outdoor living experience, it’s essential to have proper garden electrics in place. From powering outdoor lights to providing electricity to the garden, here are five aspects of garden electrics that every homeowner should know.

Can I run power to my shed from a socket?

The short answer is, it depends. Running power to your shed from an existing socket is a common and convenient solution. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the socket and wiring are suitable for outdoor use to withstand weather elements. An experienced electrician can assess your current setup and provide recommendations for extending power to your shed safely and efficiently.


When installing outdoor cabling to connect your shed to a power supply, it’s essential to use weatherproof materials and follow proper installation practices. This ensures longevity and minimises the risk of electrical hazards. With the help of a professional electrician, you can enjoy a well-lit and fully-powered shed for all your DIY projects, storage needs, or backyard workshops.

How to get electricity to a shed?

Getting electricity to a shed involves careful planning and execution to ensure compliance with safety regulations. The process typically involves installing outdoor cabling from the main power supply to the shed, including a conduit for protection and burying cables underground where necessary.


An electrician like TS Electrical will assess your specific requirements and recommend the best approach for getting electricity to your shed. Whether you need lighting, power outlets, or both, a professional can design and install a customised electrical setup tailored to your needs. With the right help, you can transform your shed into a functional and flexible space with all the amenities you could expect from your house.

Do garden lights have to be on the ground?

Garden lights are typically at ground level, but many homeowners may want something more complex. At TS Electrical, we offer a broad range of lighting solutions that suit your needs, including tree light fitting. Opting for tree lighting means consciously choosing to highlight the verticality of your garden, which lends an extra dimension to the space during night hours.


When choosing TS Electrical for your tree lighting, you’re ensuring that your new light installation will be discrete in all the right ways. This means no unsightly cables running all over the lawn – cables which could otherwise lead to injury in the active summer months if not properly managed. Furthermore, you’re also getting an expert’s eye for what would look best for your garden. As garden lighting experts, our keen eye for detail means no unfortunate surprises down the road.

What about LED strips?

Of course, traditional lights aren’t your only option for lighting your garden or porch, and may be too bright for your lighting needs. As a more discrete option, TS Electrical offers the fitting of continuous LED light strips. These can be installed high up or low down to create a dimmer light effect than traditional lights, perfect for an evening drink on the porch with a loved one.


Be sure to pay special attention to the quality of LED strips you use, as many can create a spotty effect. Unlike traditional lights of that type, TS Electrical’s LED strips create a continuous light source across the entire strip, meaning the light appears more natural and is evenly spread across the installation area, highlighting their low-key look.

Do garden water features need electricity?

Many garden water features, such as fountains, ponds, and waterfalls, require electricity to power pumps, filters, and lighting. Ensuring a safe and reliable electrical supply to these features is essential for their proper functioning and longevity.


A garden electrician can assess the power requirements of your water feature and install outdoor sockets and cabling as needed. Additionally, motion sensor lighting and security lighting can enhance safety and visibility around water features, especially at night. With the right electrical setup, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden water features while ensuring their efficient operation.

TS Electrical: Your Local Garden Lighting Expert

When done right, garden electrics can enhance the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. From powering outdoor lights and water features to driveway lighting, outdoor wall lights, or illumination for your patio or decking, TS Electrical has you covered. Don’t let inadequate lighting or electrical infrastructure limit your enjoyment of your garden oasis. Contact TS Electrical today on 07858 666 079 to find out how we can deliver you the garden of your dreams.


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